KLZ Crushing Granulator
Pharmaceuticals: raw material crushing, wet material granulation, dry material whole, the size of undesirable pills may require recycling requirements of granularity whole.
Food: Biscuits crushed recycled.
Other: coarse materials like crushed and whole, crushed and whole lump of raw materials, decomposition agglomeration of raw materials.
Working Principle
Working principle: crushing the raw material into the feed port and granulating machine, falls into a conical studio, by the rotation of the rotary blade material from the cyclone action, the particles are thrown to the centrifugal force and the mesh surface, and with the rotational high-speed rotation and the screen surface to produce shearing knife, rotating knife between the particles and the screen was crushed into small particles and discharged through the screen. Pulverized particle size, the number of the screen, the spacing between the rotary blade and the screen and to regulate the speed of the rotation speed. 
Technical Parameters
Model 150 300 450 700 1000
Capacity (kg/h) 15-150 30-300 45-450 70-700 100-1000
Mesh 6-80
Drive seat temperture rise(℃) < 30
Range of Speed(rpm) Single Speed 2800rpm Inverter Speed 300-3600rpm
Motor(kw) 1.1 1.5 2.2 3 5.5
Overall Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 810×445×1345 810×445×1345 920×445×1430 1000×500×1530 1100×560×1785
Discharge outlet height (mm) 650 650 690 690 720
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