GK series dry granulator
The machine is the water of crystallization (using the powder content in 0.5 ~ 5%) direct powder for degas, compression, whole grain into the ideal granular new equipment.

This machine structure is reasonable and reliable performance. Cleaning maintenance convenience, high power, high output, good liquidity.
Working Principle
This can be made of granular, powder, pressure tablet, capsule filling etc. The machine is mainly used for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical and other industries granulation. Especially suitable for wet cannot solve the materials are granulation. The spray drying machine, mixed with joint use machine etc.
Technical Parameters
Model Capacity Production size Power Working pressure Weight
GK70 20-60kg/h 0.5-3mm 10.82kw 198kn 1600kg
GK120 60-200kg/h 0.5-3mm 12.82kw 294kn 2000kg
GK200 80-300kg/h 0.5-3mm 23.25kw 310kn 3000kg
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