Pill making Machine
Pellets for molding, also suitable for the preparation of membrane skeleton and control of slow, controlled pellets, is the ideal equipment pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries make pellets. The machine through the special design of the rotor structure, the wet granules processed into a variety of beautiful spherical particle is prepared capsules, herbal pills the best equipment.

This machine is by setting rotating centrifugal disk, blower, and pneumatic nozzle wet granule into beautiful pellet. The former procedure made into wet granules within the rotating centrifugal disk, start fan then start rotating centrifugal disk, make the damp granule annulus air buoyancy, rotating centrifugal force, gravity, appear circle rope-turning movement, so and become high-degree ball pill.
Working Principle
System components: preliminary granulation mix + + + drying + full circle = finished screening
Mixed: CH trough mixer;
Granulation: ZL rotary extrusion granulator, or YK swing particle machine;
Full circle: QZL round granulator;
Drying: GFG efficient parts of vine dryer, FG fluid bed dryer, or an oven;
Technical Parameters
Model QZJ-350 QZJ-600 QZJ-1000
Capacity (kg/h) 20-100 80-500 500-1200
Mesh (mm) Φ0.5-Φ5 Φ0.5-Φ5 Φ0.5-Φ5
Plate Dimension(mm) 350 600 1000
Plate Speed (rpm) 200-600 200-600 200-600
Motor (kw) 2.2 3.0 5.5
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 1100×700×1320 1500×1200×1500 1800×1350×1650
Weight(kg) 232 350 450
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