FC-B New Type High effect No dust Pulverizer
FC type platform uses tooth disc grinder, blade, turbine and other structures, has high crushing efficiency, yield, simple structure and other characteristics, and can adapt to crush all kinds of materials, thus it is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, spices , resin powder and other weak materials industry and scientific research sectors.
Working Principle

The machine consists of grinder body, frame, feed hopper, a feeder, dust box and other components, grinder body by the wheel, screen assembly, grinding blocks, grinding knives, grinder chamber and other components.

Through the belt drive motor to the spindle, the material is crushed  from the feed port into the crusher cavity, friction material impact on the high-speed rotation of the gas stream, and the slit cutter and screen, grinding block, between crushing blade crushing, impact, up to a certain fineness of the material flow from the hopper through the screen, the screen does not reach the mesh material repeatedly crushing, impact, until crushed to a certain degree of fineness of the material so far, thus obtaining a relatively uniform particle size distribution small range.

In the process the material is crushed, due to the high speed of the motor to drive the material in the machine cavity high-speed rotation, the formation of a gas stream, which streams the heat generated by friction with the material and the machine outside the cavity, the cavity of the mill housing, bearing water-jacketed, negotiable different Lengmei water, having a cooling effect machine

This machine is to meet GMP certification requirements of the manufacturers, to provide suction device, which works mainly for the dust discharge chamber grinder when absorbed into the GMP-compliant cloth bag, and after a manual or automatic beat, so with smoke in the cloth fear of falling into the dust around the drum set, make full use of the material, reduce wear and tear.

Technical Parameters
Model FC—20 FC—30 FC—40
Cutter diameter ?200 ?300 ?400
Main bearing speed Rev / min 2000-3800 2000-3800 2000-3800
Power Motor 1.5-3kw 3-7.5kw 5.5-11kw
Inner Granulator Size ≤6mm ≤6mm ≤6mm
Crush Mesh 50–120 50–120 50–120
Capacity 10–100kg/h 100–500kg/h 20–1000kg/h
Noise (Decibel) <90 <95 <95
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