Production line
Capsule Product Making Machine Line

Semi-Automatic Product Line:

Working Feature:
Each  Equipment  produced by artificial materials collected, and then into another piece of equipment for production. Require manual assistance, the advantage is cost savings, the drawback is waste of labor.

Production Process:
Raw material crushing → raw material  middle Mill  → mixer →  -dry granulation machine → screening machine →Semi capsule filling machine   → plastic packaging machine→  carton packing  machine → finished capsules

Automatic Product Line:
Working Feature
Between each Equipment connected to the vacuum feeder, automatic capsule capsule filling machine . Fully automatic integrated production, the advantage is to save labor. Reduce cross-contamination, clean production. A corresponding increase in costs.

Production Process
Raw material crushing →Vacuum Feeder→ raw material→Vacuum Feeder  middle  Mill→Vacuum Feeder  → mixer → →Vacuum Feeder -dry granulation machine →Vacuum Feeder →Vacuum Feeder→ Automatic capsule filling machine →plastic packaging machine→  carton packing  machine → finished capsules
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